All Tomorrow’s Publishers – Day 2

All Tomorrow’s Publishers is an independent publishing fair showcasing the depth and range of the grassroots literary and art publishing scene. It takes place over two days, Saturday and Sunday, and includes events, walks, workshops and talks. Meet the publishers, buy the books, hear the authors.

Sunday’s event, curated by Nicci Praça, presents:

Gatehouse Press/Lighthouse Journal, CB Editions, Galley Beggar Press, Fitzcarraldo Editions, The White Review, Penned in the Margins, Vanguard Editions, The Pigeonhole, Tilted Axis, Dodo Ink Press, Periscope, The Learned Pig, Itinerant Poetry Librarian & Poet For Hire.



Day: Sunday
Time: Noon - 5pm
Venue: The Peckham Pelican
Cost: £FREE

Gatehouse Press/Lighthouse Journal

Gatehouse Press/Lighthouse Journal

Gatehouse Press is a publishing house based in Norwich. Founded in 2006 by Tom Corbett, its mission is to support new writers, primarily through publishing poetry and short stories.

Tom stepped down as the managing director in 2013 and the press is now run by a team of directors: Clare Hynes, Meirion Jordan, Ian Nettleton, Andrew McDonnell, Sam Ruddock and Julia Webb.

Aims and Objectives

Our aim is to provide a platform both for new writers from across the UK, and for established writers who are seeking to develop new and innovative projects. Whilst we seek to promote the work of writers from a diverse range of backgrounds, we also aim to retain a strong sense of connection with our East Anglian roots. Many of our books deal with themes directly or indirectly related to East Anglian history, culture and landscape, and several of our books on East Anglian subjects have been shortlisted for the East Anglian Book Awards.

Our intention is to expand the range of avenues available to new writers through publishing innovative new work, both through our quarterly journal, Lighthouse, and our forthcoming poetry and short fiction pamphlet series. We are active in soliciting work for these publications: we are always looking out for new writers who are emerging through both Lighthouse and other national poetry & short fiction journals, and may be ready to produce a more substantial volume of their work.


CB Editions

CB Editions

CB editions publishes short fiction, poetry, translations and other work which, as the Guardian noted, ‘might otherwise fall through the cracks between the big publishers’. The first four books were published in November 2007. CBe titles have won a fiction prize, a translation prize and three poetry prizes, and have been shortlisted for other awards (among those the 2014 Goldsmiths Prize and Guardian First Book Award). An overview of CBe (‘if it began as a publisher of last resort, it has become one of first-class tastes’), published in the online Guardian in 2011, can be read here.


Galley Beggar Press

Galley Beggar Press

Galley Beggar Press is a publishing company based in Norwich.

Our aim is to be an old fashioned publisher for the 21st Century.

Old fashioned because we believe in the beauty of books and the printed word, in the importance of nurturing authors and paying serious attention to editing, and in the vital importance of art as well as commerce.

21st Century, not just because that’s where we are, but because we also believe in the fantastic potential of ebooks to reach new audiences, to spread our writers’ precious words around the world and to revive and revitalise books that would otherwise either be out of print or lost on the backlist.

Galley Beggar Press is a company specifically set-up to act as a sponsor to writers who have struggled to either find or retain a publisher, and (most importantly) whose writing shows great ambition and literary merit. Our primary questions are not who someone is, or whether something is going to make it into the supermarkets. Rather, it’s whether this is an author we want, a novel we love. If the answer is yes on both counts – then, no matter how challenging a read the book is (or how obscure the author), we will set about bringing it to the widest possible public.

We want to produce beautiful books, and we want to be governed by the quality and verve of the writing we publish. We have faith in writers, we have faith in readers – and if we feel strongly enough about a book to want to share it, we hope and trust that others will want to read it.

We were founded in 2012 by Henry Layte, Eloise Millar and Sam Jordison. (Henry stopped working on Galley Beggar projects in 2013, but is still doing excellent things at the Book Hive in Norwich. His views do not represent those of the company.)


Fitzcarraldo Editions

Fitzcarraldo Editions

Fitzcarraldo Editions is an independent publisher specialising in contemporary fiction and long-form essays. Founded in 2014, it focuses on ambitious, imaginative and innovative writing, both in translation and in the English language. Each book, designed by Ray O’Meara of the Office of Optimism, is published as a paperback original with French flaps, using a custom serif typeface (called Fitzcarraldo).

‘[Fitzcarraldo] has moved with great speed to publish ambitious literature that will stand the test of time. First up is Mathias Enard’s Zone, a gigantic, important novel that also happens to be composed of a single sentence. UK publishing is lucky to have Fitzcarraldo Editions.’
—Jonathon Sturgeon, Flavorwire

‘The name of Fitzcarraldo Editions brings to mind Werner Herzog’s 1982 film, in which Klaus Kinski attempted to drag a 320-ton steamship over a mountain in order to fulfil his dream of bringing world class opera to the Peruvian rainforest. Maybe beginning with such a massive, intense work, which it is impossible to imagine reading on a digital screen, is a similarly daunting enterprise given the current state of the publishing industry. But it seems like a necessary one; [Zone] is a novel which must be published, and must be read. We can only praise Fitzcarraldo for their high aims, and wish them success.’
—Thom Cuell, The Workshy Fop


The White Review

The White Review

‘Packed with varied, unexpected material in all kinds of forms, The White Review  brings a message from the future: it rises to meet readers’ and writers’ continuing needs to experience art and literature in a sensuous, delectable form; and it gives me the feeling that I have my finger on the pulse.’ — Marina Warner‘One of the best magazines in Europe.’ — Hans Ulrich Obrist

The White Review is a thing of beauty.’ — Vogue

‘Nothing less than a cultural revolution.’ — Deborah Levy

‘Alarmingly elegant …  it’s good to see young Londoners doing a little magazine with style.’  — The Paris Review

‘Sumptuous … a list of contributors growing in stature much like the publication itself. — New York Times

‘A quarterly out to push the possibilities of the format’ — Metro

The White Review is a quarterly arts journal published in print and online. The current print issue is available to buy in bookshops and via the website, or by subscription. The website is updated with new, usually web-only content in the first week of each month.


Penned in the Margins

Penned in the Margins

Penned in the Margins creates publications and performances for people who are not afraid to take risks. We believe in the power of language to challenge how we think, test new ideas and explore alternative stories. We operate across the arts, collaborating with writers, artists and creative partners using new platforms and technologies.


Vanguard Editions

Vanguard Editions

“As a tutor at the Faber Academy, I meet a huge number of brilliant new writers for whom it is really hard to get a reading gig because they are as yet unpublished. Frustrated by this, I started Vanguard Readings in 2011 in order to give these new writers a platform to share their work. Vanguard now has a large, dedicated audience and doubles as a thriving writers’ community.

Once Vanguard was firmly established as a regular, well-attended fixture in London’s literary scene, I wanted to encapsulate the spirit of Vanguard in print and so, in October 2014, I set up a publishing arm of Vanguard Readings, fetchingly called Vanguard Editions. Our inaugural publication was ‪#‎1PoetryAnthology‬, published in November 2014, followed by ‪#‎1ShortStoryAnthology‬, funded by the Arts Council of England and published in October 2015.

We will continue to produce high-quality limited-edition anthologies and collections by new writers and established authors, all of whom have strong affiliations to Vanguard Readings.”

-Richard Skinner, Publisher, Vanguard Editions ‪#‎litkitfest2015‬


The Pigeonhole

The Pigeonhole

The Pigeonhole is the world’s first pocket-sized book club. You can read their hand-picked books (both new, original series and collaborations with other publishers) in serialized chunks called staves, all embroidered with immersive content made to pull you deep into a story.


But it has more to offer than an astonishingly pretty interface and an addictive structure—The Pigeonhole makes reading a social experience beyond a Victorian lady’s wildest dreams. It invites interaction between other readers and authors, letting you create your own digital marginalia, reading circles, and discussions. It’s bringing back the book club in a totally modern way.


With offices in London and Berlin, we are recruiting some of the best-read, technically literate and passionate people we can find. The team is dedicated to building a place in your pocket for you to interact with authors and other readers, share an immersive reading experience and enjoy boutique private book clubs.


Tilted Axis

Tilted Axis

Based out of South-East London, TILTED AXIS is a not-for-profit company on a mission to shake up the world lit scene. We’ll be publishing fresh, exciting voices from places like Bangkok & Kolkata, Seoul & Jakarta: mainly translations, mainly women. It’s just how we roll.


Dodo Ink Press

Dodo Ink Press

With Dodo Ink, we want to prove that there is still a passionate and dedicated readership for risk-taking novels. We will publish the sort of bold and original fiction that too often falls through the cracks. We will edit our publications the way we would want our own writing to be edited, creating great prose without losing sight of the ideas which made them exciting in the first place. We will look for innovative ways to bring our books to the public, and build up a community of passionate readers.




Periscope, launched in May 2015, is a new independent imprint presenting bold, distinctive voices in fiction and non-fiction from around the world. Revelling in its size as a small publisher, we are delighted to ride the wave of micro-publishers from across Britain bringing writers, translators, readers and booksellers together in original ways.


We are also pleased to be working with authors such as Laila Lalami, whose novel The Moor’s Account has been long-listed for the 2015 Man Booker Prize; Hannah Lowe, who read from her memoir Long Time No See over five days in July for BBC Radio 4’s Book of the Week; Mark Schatzker, whose book Steak chronicles his journey across the world in search of the roots of authentic flavour and meat-eating culture, and has been acclaimed by two of London’s hottest chefs; Hwang Sok-yong, author of the novel Princess Bari, whom Kenzaburō Ōe calls ‘the most powerful voice of the novel in Asia today’; and many others.


The Learned Pig

The Learned Pig

The Learned Pig is a new online magazine with four main areas of interest, one for each leg: art, thinking, nature, writing. Launched in November 2013, the magazine is interested in pretty much anything that falls into these, admittedly rather large, categories.


Itinerant Poetry Librarian

Itinerant Poetry Librarian

We see libraries, and in particular, public libraries as the bedrock of world citizenship. We believe that nowhere else offers such information equity, trust and dialogue, between us as individuals, as communities, as cultures.

For when we enter a library we encounter each other: encountering each other we are revealed more to ourselves. Through such meetings we begin to understand how we are connected by our experiences of a shared world. Fundamentally, when we enter a library we are offered the opportunity to learn new things and thus, as individuals, as world citizens, to grow.

Thus, with this mission in mind, continuously since May 2006 The Itinerant Poetry Librarian has been travelling the world with a free public library, installing the library & librarian and archiving the sounds, poems and poetry of the cities, peoples and countries she meets.

We’ve now clocked up over 1000 hours of public library service, in 11 countries & 21 cities worldwide, in over 150 different locations.


Poet For Hire

Poet For Hire

As seen at Hay on Wye Festival, Bankside, Brighton Beach, Trafalgar Square, Ledbury Poetry Festival.

This poet for hire is Tim Siddall.

“How does it work?”

“You give me a title, I write you a poem, You pay what you like.”



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Literary Kitchen alumni Peter Yeoh is highly commended in the 2017 Manchester Short Fiction Prize. Hurrah! Congratulations, Peter. Whoop whoop.



Writers Workout student Emma Hutton’s short story, Flitter, has been selected for the forthcoming Sacred & Profane event, Liars League, Dec, 5, which is also their Xmas party night. The Wheatsheaf, Rathbone Place. Only 40 tickets. More details here.



Literary Kitchen is delighted to announce Mono cafe, Denmark Hill, as the new venue for Creative Writing for Beginners, which starts 11 Oct. More info here. Check them out for laid back vibes, speciality hand-roasted coffee, organic food and quality music and great selection of vinyl. We look forward to new writing-making on their handsome mid-century modern tables.



Alumna Madeline Ionnadis’s short story Hooked has been selected as Editor’s Choice for the current issue of Red Fez magazine, an online literary and arts journal established in 2002. Read it here. Congratulations Maddie.



Thrilled to announce that Literary Kitchen alumna, Becky Danks’s short story, The Anniversary, has won the City University City Writes Short Story Competition. Becky will read at the City Writes: Summer event alongside Luiza Sauma and fellow competition winners: Katy Darby and Bren Gosling. Becky wrote the story initially as a Creative Writing for Beginners student. Way to go Becky, we are very proud of you. Details of the event, which takes place on Wednesday July 12 at City University are here.



Literary Kitchen is excited to be featured in the current issue, 21, June/July 2017 of The Peckham Peculiar. 22-23 Lit Kitchen SUBBED



Brand new for the summer Literary Kitchen is excited to launch Writers Bootcamp – standalone two hour dynamic writing sessions on Saturdays, 3-5pm, at Literary Kitchen HQ. Writers will have access to the Literary Kitchen library, and various writing spaces including the garden writing cabin. Details below and here. Booking per session essential.






Literary Kitchen kicks off Camberwell Art Fair with a FREE Mini-Memoir creative writing workshop. There will be FREE PASTRIES, and FREE COFFEE! Join us 10am-noon in the Arts Tent on Camberwell Green. Bring a notepad and pens and let’s get those words on the page.





Andrea Mason’s piece Touches appears in Otoliths issue 43, and Megacity Fictions, a piece of concrete prose based on the artwork Touch Sanitation by Mierle Laderman Ukeles. You can read it here.



Literary Kitchen was proud to showcase three alumni – Regina Freedman, Andrew Lewis and Ella Berny at Goldsmith’s Library’s World Book Night 2017 event, The Library at Night. We were treated to dadaist poetry, a sultry chanteuse, poetry, open mic, and “special guests: author, Irenosen Okojie and poet, Rachel Long as well as readers from Open Book, Intoart, the Black British Writing MA and Literary Kitchen”. Pure magic!



Literary Kitchen director Andrea Mason has been awarded an MA Academic Practice with Distinction at Goldsmiths.



Literary Kitchen alumna Regina Freedman’s story, Happy Hanukah, is published in the Oct 22 issue of the London Journal of Fiction. Hurray! Read it here.



Lauren Miller, graduate of several terms of Writers Workshop, and now a part-time creative writing MA student at Birkbeck, is featured in the forthcoming issue of The Mechanics’ Institute Review, Issue 13 (MIR13). The launch event, took place in the Keynes Library, Birkbeck School of Arts Building, 43 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PD on Tuesday 27 September.

Fellow Writers Workshop graduate Peter Yeoh has published a story in Visual Verse. Read it here.

Recent graduate of Writers Workout Andy J Lewis’s short story, The Witch’s House, written on the course, has been selected for publication in an anthology Writing Local/Thinking Global, produced as part of the forthcoming Hillingdon Literary Festival. See details here. The festival takes place 7 – 9 Oct, and you can pick up a free copy of the anthology.

Hats off to all of you.



Hurrah! Writers Workout student Fran Beckett is featured miniaturestory for June 15, 2016. Fellow student Allyson Fisher is featured miniaturestory for June 22. Making it a hat trick, Mel Carvalho’s story is featured 21 July 2016. All three writers wrote their miniature stories as part of the Writers Workout course. Well done everyone!



Literary Kitchen has curated the headliner section of an evening event for World Book Night at Goldsmiths Library. Our fantastic readers will be Eley Williams, Iphgenia Baal and Julia Calver. Book free tickets here.



Ever found money down the back of the sofa? Or a wallet dropped in the park? Come and explore your relationship to money via this 2 hour workshop for 12-16 year olds, led by Literary Kitchen director, Andrea Mason.

Saturday 20 Feb, 2-4pm. Rabbits Road Institute. To BOOK email For more info click here.



All systems go to create the first Peckham Writing Map, a limited edition of 500 which will be available free for the week of the Literary Kitchen Festival 12-18 October at The Peckham Pelican. This will be Writing Maps first site-specific map. Let’s hope it is a fruitful long-term collaboration, since we plan to expand into Abergavenny and New York!



Anna Mazzola is the first Literary Kitchen student to obtain a book deal. In fact, she bagged a two-book deal with Tinder Press for her debut novel The Unseeing, a story which began life at a Creative Writing for Beginners course in 2011. She subsequently undertook several terms of Writers Workshop before graduating on to courses at City University. Read more about Anna’s journey here. Needless to say Literary Kitchen is immensely proud.



The campaign has launched, and runs until August 22nd. To read all about it, make a donation, share with family and friends, click here.


MAY 2015

Literary Kitchen alumni and mentee, Lauren Miller, has been accepted onto the Birkbeck Creative Writing MA. Congratulations Lauren!


MARCH 19 2015

Another fine evening of poetry and prose at The Peckham Pelican with Lit Live. See it here:


DEC 11 2014

This Thursday evening saw 19 writers, poets, performers from Goldsmiths and Royal Holloway give their finest in a 3 Act extravaganza at The Peckham Pelican for Lit Live!, a Literary Kitchen/Goldsmiths Writers’ Centre collaboration.

“The new Bowery Poetry Club“, Marisa Carnesky. Hell Yes!



Literary Kitchen were invited to curate the final leg of Litcrawl 2014 on Sat October 11, alongside Clinic, The White Review, Review Bookshop and Liars’ League. Literary Kitchen presented Sex Flash Marathon at The Peckham Pelican. 15 writers performed a flash fiction or poem on the theme of sex. Singer/songwriter Trevor John finished the night with a bang, or rather a song. Our host with the most was Andrew Alston, and DJ for afterwards was F£rg Mon£y.

NB. Two performers, Ella Frears and Rachel Long, were both shortlisted for the Young Poet Laureate. Congratulations


JUNE 2014

Literary Kitchen hosted its inaugural writing festival, a week long programme of events, walks, talks and workshops at The Peckham Pelican. View the PDF of the programme Festival Programme, or look at the webpage here.


MAY 2014

Literary Kitchen are hosting Creative Writing Workshops at the Clerkenwell Design Week as part of Parkin Whitman‘s events programme for Milliken.



More success for alumni Anna Mazzola, who has won the Retreat West short story competition 2013. Well done Anna. Look forward to the novel.

Read more student success stories here.