This course demystifies the writing process, and provides simple yet effective techniques to get you putting pen to paper. Thoroughly recommended.

Katie Weeks, July 2016


This course made such a difference to my creative inner life and autonomy. I felt inspired and emboldened, within a group of like-minded and supportive people. A total game changer.

Bettrys Jones, July 2016


A wonderfully planned course that carefully and kindly draws out the writer in you. A place to be creative, to share, to enjoy creating words. Brilliant!

Clare Arnold


A truly supportive environment quickly builds in the group because of the skillfully facilitated safe space. I delighted in hearing everyone’s writing voice grow and develop. This course has rigour without feeling rigorous, and has stretched me as a writer.

Deena Gornick, July 2016


This course reignited my confidence as a writer. It is brilliantly well-constructed and to the point.

Caroline Gray, July 2016.


Such a fantastic course, varied and entertaining. A wonderful introduction to the habit of creative writing. I feel empowered to continue writing and to enter competitions.

Becky Danks, July 2016


This course has taught me invaluable technical aspects of writing, the most important of which is that writing is a process. On top of that, it was bags of fun!

Chris Devine, April 2016


This is the best investment I have made in myself in a long time. The course is extensive and full of insights; a weekly safe-zone for my burgeoning creativity.
Sonita Alleyne

A challenging and concise writing experience that really pushes the boundaries of expectation.”

Allyson Fisher, Dec 2015


I started this course doubtful and nervous and not quite sure what to expect. I finished it with a 2000 word short story that I was really proud of. I learned about structure and theme and point of view within a supportive group of like-minded people. I am no longer fearful of writing and have learned to be kind to myself and patient with my work and to just write.”

Denise Monroe, Dec 2015


This tightly structured and thoroughly entertaining course was a revelation, encouraging experimentation, with timed exercises and playful collaboration with the other students. I am hooked and am not only beginning a writing habit, but I have enrolled in the next course!                                                                                                                                           Tessa Brown, Dec 2014


I arrived at the class concerned that I did not having a creative side, but a desire to write.  I learnt, through the weeks, that the process of writing needs structure and review, with many ways to build a character, setting or plot.  The deconstruction of how to build a piece of writing has been fascinating and extremely helpful in learning how to write a story.  I loved every session!“                                                                                                                                       Valerie Gill, July 2014


By day, I write headlines, captions, emails, marketing copy; by night, well, I wrote nothing until I met Andrea Mason. I thought about writing fiction a lot, but as for actually getting something on to paper… it never quite happened. Ten weeks later and I have a 1,800 word short story I am proud of. Andrea is a whizz at critiquing your work in progress, from ‘getting’ your nascent idea to appreciating your tone and helping you develop it. Now I can call myself a writer. Why? Because, thanks to Literary Kitchen, I write!“                                                                                                               Sophie Gridley, July 2014


“Literary Kitchen’s Creative Writing for Beginners course is a wonderful launch pad for aspiring writers. The hands-on group sessions have you writing from week one and are an invaluable resource for anybody either starting out in creative writing or brushing up on old skills.’”                                                                                                                 David Faulds, March 2014

I really enjoyed this course. The tutor made the classes enjoyable and fun. I looked forward to Wednesday evenings. I feel like a writer.”
Hayley, March 2014
I feel I now understand what elements make a story; and completing the piece has become a coherent process.”
Sara Lyon, March 2014


This course is a wonderful introduction into the world  of creative writing. The tutor is supportive, patient, nurturing and passionate about her subject. I enjoyed every minute of the journey and I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has ever wanted to write but was afraid to start.”
Annemarie Villeneuve, July 2013

“This course surpassed expectation. I feel like a ball of dough that has been proved in the Literary Kitchen and is now ready to be baked into a delicioius mult-seed loaf.”
Dawn Henderson, July 2013

“I enjoyed tapping into my creativity again. Great people and a good mix of theory and practice.”
Nehanda Truscott, July 2012

“What a fantastic course. Thank you. I feel like I have learnt so much, become more confident about my writing and met some fantastic people.”
Jenny Shaw, July 2012

“Above all, you got me writing, thank you. Sometimes inspiring, sometimes painful, and helpful, shaping and encouraging. I leave with a small belief that I can write, and many more tools with which to do it.”
 David McCormick, July 2012

“Thanks for putting into context my idea of writing, and giving me the structure. This course has taught me that something great can come from nothing, and given me more confidence in my writing.”
Ellen Quach, July 2012

“It’s been an incredibly useful ten weeks; even the toughest parts have had a big impact on the way I’ve started writing. And there were some really transcendent moments of writing and creating. Thank you so much.”
Rebecca Skipwith, July 2012

“II have so enjoyed being given the chance to try new ways of approaching writing. It has been great to be provoked, and to find new ways of developing charcters and ideas that I’d never have come up with myself. The group has been supportive and I’ve learned so much and hope to carry on implementing these newly acquired tools.”
 Rachel Erasmus, July 2012

“It’s been an incredibly useful ten weeks. Even the toughest parts have had a big impact on the way I’ve started writing. And there were some really transcendent moments of writing and creating. Thank you so much.”
Rachel O’Riordan, March 2012

“This course has given me part of my soul back. Like a love affair I’ve experienced passion, fear, lust, joy, annoyance, guilt and adoration.”
Gail Shock, March 2012

“I came away with the feeling that I can write; this course has given me so much confidence.”
 Regina Freedman, March 2012

“I cannot emphasis enough how supportive this course is; do not fear, you can be a writer too!.”
Jo Falcon, March 2012

“I walked in feeling I was a chancer; I walked out a writer. not bad!”
Remi Olajoyegbe, March 2012   

“The creative writing course for beginners gave me the push that I needed to start writing again. I came out of the course with the confidence to call myself a writer.”
Katie Jackson

“This course has inspired me with her knowledge of all aspects of creative writing. Her teaching style and enthusiasm for the subject are second to none. Her courses are a must for any aspiring author/writer.”
Madeline Ionnadis

“I wanted to write but had lost focus. The Literary Kitchen course put me on track.”
Kate Tuncliffe

“Do this if, like me, you’ve felt blocked, and need to get writing again. It works!”
Eugene Francis

“A comprehensive introduction to the practice of writing with practical exercises stimulating application.”
Graham Thomas

The best investment I have made in myself in a long time. It is extensive and full of insights … a weekly safe-zone for my burgeoning creativity.”
Sonita Alleyne, July 2011

The Literary Kitchen’s creative writing course was a thrilling challenge, an eye opener and a huge learning curve but thoroughly enjoyable every week.  Really encouraging to bring out any tentative writers.”
Julia Parfitt, Dec 2011

“The Literary Kitchen Beginners class is excellent in all ways – expert and friendly – a perfect environment to test a writing talent.”
Georgina Carless, Dec 2011




“This course is a must for people looking to make creative writing part of their lives. The exercises and skills you take aweay from the course feel like gifts in the way they are used again and again. This course finally helped me to get serious about writing.”

Sara Lyon, July 2014


“I thoroughly enjoyed this course – the right does of inspiration and hard work, to improve my writing and my confidence, in the friendliest of environments.”

Sam Mortimer, July 2013


“Literary Kitchen is consistently excellent in the quality and skill of teaching for testing a writing skill. Highly recommended.”
Georgina Carless, July 2013


“The tutor is a fabulous teacher. She can pinpoint exactly what isn’t working in a piece, and inspire you to keep going until you sort it out. A really enjoyable course, highly recommended.”
Kath Stathers, July 2013


 “Life-changing. I cannot recommend this course enough. The tutor is a fantastic teacher – you will come out a better person!”
Jenny Shaw, July 2013




I started the writers workshop hoping to write a couple of decent chapters of a novel and to develop a better writing habit. Through Andrea’s insightful course I got a lot more than that. I gained confidence as a writer, developed a discipline for plot that had been previously lacking and met a group of interesting and dedicated writers. Most importantly I am starting to learn that I should be in control of my writing rather than the other way round. 
     I highly recommend working with Andrea, whether in a one-to-one or group session. Taking the course made writing fun again. 
James Murray, July 2013


“Being part of a group of writers gives me no end of encouragement. It’s great to have a group, who can push you back in the right direction when you wander off track.”
Katie Jackson

“I’ve finally started writing the novel I’d failed to begin since 1986 – thanks to the Literary Kitchen!”
Steven Appleby

“The Workshop has been revolutionary for me: it has enabled me to write again. The tutor is a fantastic teacher – committed, passionate, serious and demanding.”
Claire Frankland

 “Literary Kitchen has awakened my creative side and given me a fresh outlook on life. I have not only enjoyed writing with the group, it has opened my mind to all kinds of creative opportunities I may not otherwise have seen or recognised.”
James Miller

“Any budding writer will gain immeasurably from the Literary Kitchen courses. They turn beginner writers into confident, measured writers.”
Paul Gilbert

“This course will stretch you, increase your confidence and skills and push you to find your voice as a writer. Literary Kitchen is a place to let your imagination and creativity thrive and grow.”
Rachel O’Riordan

“If you want to learn more about your writing, how to critique other people’s work, and realsie all the mistakes you’re making ...”
 Rick Bagnall

“A really great collaborative experience. I’ve loved reading the work that’s come out of the workshop and appreciate the insight the process has given me into my own writing.”
Rebecca Skipwith

“Before you pay a lot of money for a course in Central London, give this one a go. I learned more and wrote better with Literary Kitchen than with the other courses I tried.”
Ruth Driscoll

“I found the course challenging and supportive, and felt inspired to start sending work outIt was also useful to have the input of literary agents and published novelists during the course.
Anna Mazzola




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Literary Kitchen is delighted to announce Mono cafe, Denmark Hill, as the new venue for Creative Writing for Beginners, which starts 11 Oct. More info here. Check them out for laid back vibes, speciality hand-roasted coffee, organic food and quality music and great selection of vinyl. We look forward to new writing-making on their handsome mid-century modern tables.



Alumna Madeline Ionnadis’s short story Hooked has been selected as Editor’s Choice for the current issue of Red Fez magazine, an online literary and arts journal established in 2002. Read it here. Congratulations Maddie.



Thrilled to announce that Literary Kitchen alumna, Becky Danks’s short story, The Anniversary, has won the City University City Writes Short Story Competition. Becky will read at the City Writes: Summer event alongside Luiza Sauma and fellow competition winners: Katy Darby and Bren Gosling. Becky wrote the story initially as a Creative Writing for Beginners student. Way to go Becky, we are very proud of you. Details of the event, which takes place on Wednesday July 12 at City University are here.



Literary Kitchen is excited to be featured in the current issue, 21, June/July 2017 of The Peckham Peculiar. 22-23 Lit Kitchen SUBBED



Brand new for the summer Literary Kitchen is excited to launch Writers Bootcamp – standalone two hour dynamic writing sessions on Saturdays, 3-5pm, at Literary Kitchen HQ. Writers will have access to the Literary Kitchen library, and various writing spaces including the garden writing cabin. Details below and here. Booking per session essential.






Literary Kitchen kicks off Camberwell Art Fair with a FREE Mini-Memoir creative writing workshop. There will be FREE PASTRIES, and FREE COFFEE! Join us 10am-noon in the Arts Tent on Camberwell Green. Bring a notepad and pens and let’s get those words on the page.





Andrea Mason’s piece Touches appears in Otoliths issue 43, and Megacity Fictions, a piece of concrete prose based on the artwork Touch Sanitation by Mierle Laderman Ukeles. You can read it here.



Literary Kitchen was proud to showcase three alumni – Regina Freedman, Andrew Lewis and Ella Berny at Goldsmith’s Library’s World Book Night 2017 event, The Library at Night. We were treated to dadaist poetry, a sultry chanteuse, poetry, open mic, and “special guests: author, Irenosen Okojie and poet, Rachel Long as well as readers from Open Book, Intoart, the Black British Writing MA and Literary Kitchen”. Pure magic!



Literary Kitchen director Andrea Mason has been awarded an MA Academic Practice with Distinction at Goldsmiths.



Literary Kitchen alumna Regina Freedman’s story, Happy Hanukah, is published in the Oct 22 issue of the London Journal of Fiction. Hurray! Read it here.



Lauren Miller, graduate of several terms of Writers Workshop, and now a part-time creative writing MA student at Birkbeck, is featured in the forthcoming issue of The Mechanics’ Institute Review, Issue 13 (MIR13). The launch event, took place in the Keynes Library, Birkbeck School of Arts Building, 43 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PD on Tuesday 27 September.

Fellow Writers Workshop graduate Peter Yeoh has published a story in Visual Verse. Read it here.

Recent graduate of Writers Workout Andy J Lewis’s short story, The Witch’s House, written on the course, has been selected for publication in an anthology Writing Local/Thinking Global, produced as part of the forthcoming Hillingdon Literary Festival. See details here. The festival takes place 7 – 9 Oct, and you can pick up a free copy of the anthology.

Hats off to all of you.



Hurrah! Writers Workout student Fran Beckett is featured miniaturestory for June 15, 2016. Fellow student Allyson Fisher is featured miniaturestory for June 22. Making it a hat trick, Mel Carvalho’s story is featured 21 July 2016. All three writers wrote their miniature stories as part of the Writers Workout course. Well done everyone!



Literary Kitchen has curated the headliner section of an evening event for World Book Night at Goldsmiths Library. Our fantastic readers will be Eley Williams, Iphgenia Baal and Julia Calver. Book free tickets here.



Ever found money down the back of the sofa? Or a wallet dropped in the park? Come and explore your relationship to money via this 2 hour workshop for 12-16 year olds, led by Literary Kitchen director, Andrea Mason.

Saturday 20 Feb, 2-4pm. Rabbits Road Institute. To BOOK email For more info click here.



All systems go to create the first Peckham Writing Map, a limited edition of 500 which will be available free for the week of the Literary Kitchen Festival 12-18 October at The Peckham Pelican. This will be Writing Maps first site-specific map. Let’s hope it is a fruitful long-term collaboration, since we plan to expand into Abergavenny and New York!



Anna Mazzola is the first Literary Kitchen student to obtain a book deal. In fact, she bagged a two-book deal with Tinder Press for her debut novel The Unseeing, a story which began life at a Creative Writing for Beginners course in 2011. She subsequently undertook several terms of Writers Workshop before graduating on to courses at City University. Read more about Anna’s journey here. Needless to say Literary Kitchen is immensely proud.



The campaign has launched, and runs until August 22nd. To read all about it, make a donation, share with family and friends, click here.


MAY 2015

Literary Kitchen alumni and mentee, Lauren Miller, has been accepted onto the Birkbeck Creative Writing MA. Congratulations Lauren!


MARCH 19 2015

Another fine evening of poetry and prose at The Peckham Pelican with Lit Live. See it here:


DEC 11 2014

This Thursday evening saw 19 writers, poets, performers from Goldsmiths and Royal Holloway give their finest in a 3 Act extravaganza at The Peckham Pelican for Lit Live!, a Literary Kitchen/Goldsmiths Writers’ Centre collaboration.

“The new Bowery Poetry Club“, Marisa Carnesky. Hell Yes!



Literary Kitchen were invited to curate the final leg of Litcrawl 2014 on Sat October 11, alongside Clinic, The White Review, Review Bookshop and Liars’ League. Literary Kitchen presented Sex Flash Marathon at The Peckham Pelican. 15 writers performed a flash fiction or poem on the theme of sex. Singer/songwriter Trevor John finished the night with a bang, or rather a song. Our host with the most was Andrew Alston, and DJ for afterwards was F£rg Mon£y.

NB. Two performers, Ella Frears and Rachel Long, were both shortlisted for the Young Poet Laureate. Congratulations


JUNE 2014

Literary Kitchen hosted its inaugural writing festival, a week long programme of events, walks, talks and workshops at The Peckham Pelican. View the PDF of the programme Festival Programme, or look at the webpage here.


MAY 2014

Literary Kitchen are hosting Creative Writing Workshops at the Clerkenwell Design Week as part of Parkin Whitman‘s events programme for Milliken.



More success for alumni Anna Mazzola, who has won the Retreat West short story competition 2013. Well done Anna. Look forward to the novel.

Read more student success stories here.